Art and Liturgy - Patrick Murray with Fr Frank Phillips SJCHi! I’m Patrick Murray.

I started this blog while I was working as a liturgical consultant for a company called Granda. Posting here was a way for me to share what I learned during that fascinating job.

In November 2017, I got a new job in a totally different industry, making me an unbiased and unqualified “armchair QB” when it comes to liturgical art and architecture.

I live in Omaha, Nebraska, a delightful city on the banks of the Missouri River. I feel much the same way about Omaha that Leslie Knope feels about Pawnee.

Besides the subjects of this site, I really enjoy gadgets, leather and wood crafts, and dark beers. If you make or sell any of these things, send me a sample and I will shamelessly write a favorable review.