Church Madness 2018 POSTPONED

Today is “Selection Sunday,” the day when participants and matchups for collegiate basketball’s playoff tournament are announced.

The last two years, Selection Sunday has also been the day to announce the contenders for Church Madness, a fun bracket-style competition to determine America’s most beautiful Catholic church.

But it’s been a little busy around A&L HQ as we welcomed a new addition this week.


Things have been, uh, different, so Church Madness is postponed a couple of months. There WILL be Madness this year. Promise.

The brackets will be released on June 26*, and the first round of voting will open the following day. The National Churchpion will be announced on July 25.

CM Hall of Fame Graphic 2017-01

In the meantime, please feel free to submit your questions using the Ask link, and please check back on June 26 for the next edition of Church Madness!

* Bonus points for the first commenter who can correctly guess why I chose June 26.


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