The Busy Pastor’s Guide to Beautifying Your Church

A priest has an important job: to get people into Heaven and administer the sacraments. They live a life of heroic service. But they have time constraints and, too often, have to deal with obnoxious things like catty parishioners, unhappy donors, and “office politics.”

My job and duty is to help these guys make their churches more beautiful. But I can’t blame a pastor who may not be sure how to begin, and who doesn’t have the interest or energy to sink into something that could turn out to be expensive and time-consuming. (If this sounds like you, email me. It’s free and I’m nice.)

That’s why I’ve started producing a series of ultra-short videos called The Busy Pastor’s Guide to Beautifying Your Church. 

Tip #1 deals with resin relief sculptures, an art form that’s grown on me over my time with Granda.

Tip #2 concerns enamels, which never fade or grow dull over time.

Here’s the playlist: