Off Topic Friday: A great new high school in Omaha needs your help

We Catholics, particularly Internet Catholics, talk a big game when it comes to our identity and traditions. Father Z has a tag called “Hard Identity Catholicism” which are usually some of my favorite articles. Visit the Catholic blogosphere on any given day and you’ll find posts galore about how we need better schools to form the next generation.

It can’t always be said that we “walk the walk” when it comes to supporting and promoting these schools.

Here is a great chance to rectify that.

Blue_CAO Stacked Full WordmarkOver the past two years I’ve been serving on the Board of Directors for a fledgling Catholic high school in Omaha, called Chesterton Academy of Omaha. I started when I first moved to Omaha, fresh out of a job teaching 7th grade history, and was looking for guy friends in the area. I volunteered to revamp the Academy’s website, maybe substitute for a few art history classes, and someday coach the soccer team. The school needed warm bodies for the Board and I, being the owner of a warm body, agreed. (I also do all of our web and graphic design, IT, marketing, social media, and communications pro bono.)

There’s a lot I could tell you about this school — the unique classical curriculum, Daily Mass, the incredible faculty — but I think that can be tedious. So here, instead, is the school’s vision:

The Chesterton Man and the Chesterton Woman…

• Defend the weak,
• Seek the truth without compromise,
• Appreciate the beauty in all Creation,
• Strive always toward sincerity in word and deed,
• Are best measured by their devotion,
• Know friendship is one of the pearls of life,
• Are optimistic towards life’s challenges,
• See freedom as an opportunity to choose the good,
• Are grateful to their parents,
• Know that one day their Father will beckon them home to eternity,
• So they seek to master themselves and are always truly striving to know, love, and serve God,
• With a pure heart in the middle of the world.

In short, the Chesterton Man is the kind of man we want our daughters to marry. The Chesterton Woman is the kind of woman we want our sons to marry.

(Also, they get good grades and do well in college.)

Sounds awesome, right?

GoFundMe Campaign Script Logo 005

Here’s the deal: CAO is going into its third year and needs your help. We have launched a capital campaign called Join the Adventure: The Foundations for Omaha’s Next Great School to help us stay afloat, boost enrollment, and expand our academic and extracurricular offerings. (We want to add archery and fencing, and someday I will be successful in starting a soccer team. 🙂 )

If you have been following this blog for a long time, you know that I have never asked for money. But this is a cause worth supporting, and we really need your help.

Here’s what you can do: 

• Please consider donating via our GoFundMe page.

• Please consider sharing this post or the donation link on your own social networks.

• Please say a Memorare for the success of Chesterton Academy of Omaha!

I mean this: Your contributions will have a direct and major impact on our duty to teach the Faith and give a great education to our kids.

All donors will have Holy Mass and the Rosary offered for them and their intentions.

Thank you!!

CAO Adventurer 02