Church Madness 2017: Ecclesiastical 8

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Rejoice, Jerusalem: and come together all you that love Church Madness! We’ve reached the Ecclesiastical 8!

The basketball action has been hot the last few days (go Ducks) but the Church Madness action has been even hotter, and we’re down to eight very worthy contenders for the title of America’s Most Beautiful Church!*

* this year

In the interest of getting this post out on time, I’ll dispense with the banter and get right to the action. Remember to vote once for all the matchups, and then spread the word!


Updated bracket:

CM 2017 Bracket 8 THUMB
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All polls close Wednesday, March 29, at 11:59 pm Central Time. Click images for larger views.


“The Eastern Seaboard Scuffle”

St. Mary Church
Norwalk, Connecticut
— 360º panorama here


Holy Trinity Church
Gainesville, Virginia




“The Dixieland Derby”
“Nobody Knows How to Pronounce Louisville”

St. Ann Church
Charlotte, North Carolina
— 360º panorama here (before murals in sanctuary were finished!)



St. James Church
Louisville, Kentucky




“The Heartland Classic”

Basilica of St. Mary
Minneapolis, Minnesota
— 360º panorama here (look up!)


St. Francis de Sales Oratory
St. Louis, Missouri
—360º virtual tour here (caution: autoplays audio, but it’s awesome organ music)





“The Pauline Party”

Sts. Peter and Paul Church
San Francisco, California



St. Paul Church
Nampa, Idaho




  1. St. Francis de Sales Oratory is the reason why my family and I moved to the St Louis area. It is a slice of heaven on earth!

  2. We love our St. Paul’s home! It took us YEARS to raise the funds for our church. The details, not all clearly visible in the photos, include our glass baptismal font and a Roman sword etched on each end of every pew.
    Thank you for including such a great picture of our unique, bold, gorgeous mosaic in honor of our patron, St. Paul.
    Congratulations to ALL of the exceptional churches in the competition. I’ve greatly enjoyed the pictures!!! Might be time to build a pilgrimage map to visit some of these holy spaces over the summer.

  3. I totally agree that St. Paul’s in Nampa, ID is a beautiful church! It took over ten years of savings for the “new” St. Paul’s Catholic Church to be built and for anyone visiting it is well worth your time to check out this beautiful church.

  4. Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis, Minnesota should win. The dome is not even shown. The church should not only be beautiful inside but also outside and its surroundings. Basilica of St. Mary have that. You can also check other beautiful churches in USA and around the world in

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