Church Madness 2017: Selection Sunday

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Welcome to Church Madness 2017, brought to you by Granda Liturgical Arts!

Over the next month, we will vote on the most beautiful Roman Catholic church in the United States! As is the norm on the internet, we will do this with unfailing decorum and charity.

The Bracket

It’s Selection Sunday, so without further ado, here are the 64 amazing contestants in this year’s bracket! (click to view full size; printable PDF here)

CM 2017 Bracket FINAL Thumbnail
Click to view full-size.

Most of the field was nominated by A&L readers last year. It may or may not be true that I accidentally deleted the file with all the suggestions, so some nominations were lost. Sorry! I filled out the rest of the field from my own knowledge and frantic Google Image searching.

The Selection Committee (me) has done its best to highlight a wide range of sizes, styles, and locations. This is partially to keep things from becoming a big-city, Gothic cathedral slugfest, and partially because I think it’s inspiring to know that truly beautiful churches exist in little places like David City, Nebraska (population 2,900), and not just in the major cities. Beauty is needed everywhere!

This year we have a new logo (designed by yours truly) and a new “sponsor,” Granda Liturgical Arts. The quotation marks are because GLA is my employer and they aren’t paying me for any part of this. THAT SAID, we are really friendly and really, really good at making fitting and beautiful homes, vessels, and vestments for Our Lord, so please check us out. We are also on Facebook and Instagram.

Voting for the Sacred 64 begins tomorrow morning! I’ll do a separate post for each region, one per day, starting with the East region. Every poll remains open for 3 days.

See you tomorrow!


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