Introducing Church Madness 2017


It’s that time of year again — basketball action has reached a fever pitch and everything on the internet is presented in bracket form. Cakes, zoo animals, sitcom characters…you name it, there’s a bracket for it.

Here at Art and Liturgy, we are definitely not above that, and so I am proud to announce Church Madness 2017!

Last year’s inaugural competition ended with the victory of Chicago’s much-heralded St. John Cantius Church, who vanquished Salt Lake City’s Cathedral of the Madeleine in the National Churchpionship.

It had originally been my intention to include the winner in the following year’s field, to create some running competition. However, St. John Cantius was so inundated by media attention because of their victory that they asked me not to include them again this year. Also, let’s face it, they would win every single time thanks to their insanely vocal/passionate internet fan base.

Therefore, Cantius’s number has been retired, so to speak, and their name will hang in the hallowed rafters of A&L Arena forever.


Thus, the time has come to elect a new Most Beautiful Church in America.

The full, national bracket will be released next Sunday morning, March 12. Voting begins the following day. The final round, the National Churchpionship, ends on April 5.

Competitors have been nominated by my family, friends, and A&L commenters. To nominate a church for next year, you can leave a comment, use the Ask page or email me.

Finally, this blog has a strict NO SCROOGES WELCOME policy. Being a faithful Catholic does not mean being a party pooper all the time. This is a fake internet competition. Any comments about how this contest is all about vanity or how I am an idiot for not selecting Saint Whoever’s will be deleted and you will be banned.

May the best church win!