A&L News Update

Snow is falling, porters and stouts are in season, and the twinkle of Salvation Army bells can be heard in the crisp winter air. It is, by far, the most wonderful time of the year.

I am talking about college basketball season, of course. As of this moment, my Creighton Bluejays are #10 in the United States of America, which feels pretty great.


After the beginning of the basketball season inevitably comes the end of the basketball season, and so we are looking ahead already to the second annual Church Madness competition. In the coming weeks I’ll be preparing the 2017 bracket and sending letters to the 64 parishes selected, informing them of their participation in this illustrious tournament.

In light of this upcoming assault on good taste and Christian unity, I have tweaked the look of the site to something a little more engaging. The principal reason for the change is that the old theme was in fact designed for restaurant websites and it kept telling me to upload a menu, which was irritating.

I think the new theme looks pretty slick but if you encounter any problems with it, let me know. Some of the formatting in the old posts might get messed up but I don’t think anyone reads them anyway.

The other bit of news is that Art & Liturgy now has a Facebook page. Now you can like and share every article to your high school classmates and extended family. Please note that no criticism will be permitted on the page, and all negative commenters will be reported to Facebook HQ for harassment and/or indecency.