A&L readers: I need your help!

It’s been almost a year since Art & Liturgy began, and I need your input to make the next year even better. Can you help me out?

No, I’m not asking for money. I need three things from you:

(a) Your feedback. Below is a little poll asking what you’d like to see more of. Please select the top two things you’d like to see more of in the next year.


If you have more specific input, use the Ask page to send it.

(b) Please consider sharing articles on your social networks, or with friends who may be interested. I have a cool job that allows me to learn about this stuff, so I started this blog to share these amazing traditions of the Church with everyone. I hope it’s been useful to you and I hope we can reach even more people in 2017.

(c) I don’t like mentioning my job too often on this blog, but I do have a family to support, so…I’m a consultant for Granda Liturgical Arts. I help churches solve problems with their sacred art and architecture. If you happen to know your parish is looking for, say, a new statue (or they should be because the current one is awful), or the parish down the road is launching a building project, would you send me a note and give me a heads-up about it?

Thanks for reading and all your support so far!

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  1. I was going to leave this comment on your chasuble post, but I think a great post about the history and development of the styles of vestments would be interesting. That is to say something like how the Roman chasuble got its style.

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