Every person should read The Spirit of the Liturgy

It can be irksome when somebody prattles on and on about a book they have read and thinks you should, too. It often seems like an imperious way of proclaiming that they read many books and until you read the same books, you are not very smart.

SArt and Liturgy - Cardinal Ratzinger Pope Benedict Drinking Beero I hope you will forgive me for reminding you, once again, how badass The Spirit of the Liturgy is.

(When the author gets to cosmic liturgy and reditus and you are feeling lost and inadequate, forge ahead! It gets easier.)

Well folks, today is your lucky day.

It has come to my attention that the folks over at Like Mother, Like Daughter are doing a book club about Cardinal Ratzinger’s The Spirit of the Liturgy. This is a great relief because I had thought about doing the same thing, but now I am spared the challenge of having to come up with Very Thoughtful Thoughts™ about it each week. I’ve really liked reading both the posts and the comments. You will too, even if you are neither a mother nor a daughter.

The most recent entry is here, which contains links to all the earlier posts.

By the way, one of the authors at that site, Leila Lawler, is also responsible for the book The Little Oratory: The Beginner’s Guide to Praying in the Home, which I hear is very good. Check it out on Amazon here.

The Little Oratory - Praying in the Home - Leila Lawler - David Clayton