Great Painting of the Day: Coronation of the Virgin by Enguerrand Quarton

This would have been a great image to use in the recent post about Mary’s fulfillment of the ancient Davidic role of “queen mother.”

I did not find it, however, until just now, and it is so legit that it gets a post of its own.

Behold: Coronation of the Virgin by Enguerrand Quarton (French), 1454.

Art and Liturgy -Enguerrand Quarton - Coronation of the Virgin - 1454

I love the orange angels in the background that look like fire, and the tiny blue smurf angels holding up the cloud. I like that the Holy Spirit is formed out of the mouths of the Father and the Son, who are identical here. I wish I could read the banner held by the archangel on the top-right. The monk kneeling before the crucifix is the patron. The little demons and monsters down in hell are simultaneously terrifying and amusing.