Church Madness: Ferial Four

Get out your silk vestments and Sunday best…it’s the Ferial Four! The competition enters its final week!

Church Madness 2016

IntroductionMidwest Bracket (March 17)East Bracket (March 18)South Bracket (March 19)West Bracket (March 20) · Sacred 64 Results (March 28) · Theological 32 (March 29) · Stunning 16 (April 4)Ecclesiastical 8 (April 8)Ferial 4 (April 11) · National Churchpionship (April 14) • “One Shining Moment” (April 17)

#ChurchMadness continues to sweep the nation as the last round saw over 7,500 votes entered. We had upsets! We had blowouts! What more could you want? Here are the results:

AL CM Bracket 4

The competition between St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the National Shrine was decided by 20 votes out of 1,799 submitted. Every vote counts, people.

All four remaining competitors have secured an auto-bid to next year’s tourney. Who will advance to this year’s National Churchpionship?  Make your voice heard: voting is now live, and will remain open through Wednesday evening, April 13.

Optional: Get in the spirit and play the March Madness song while you vote.

St. John Cantius (Chicago, Ill.)360° panorama  ⚠︎ NOTE: Sound autoplays! But it’s Allegri’s Miserere mei, which is nice ⚠︎

National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, upper church (D.C.)virtual tour on Shrine website

Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery (Hanceville, Ala.)photo gallery

Cathedral of the Madeleine (Salt Lake City, Ut.)360° panorama


  1. St.John Cantius, What a magnificant temple to Our Lord and to be surrounded by the various choirs,specifically the Gregorian Chanters.To sit and meditate while observing this structure is out of this world.

  2. The picture selection for the various churches might be playing a role in the outcomes more than the actual churches.

    • Hi Blake! Unfortunately, I’m limited to whatever copyright-free photos I can find online. I did my best! That’s why I’ve included the links to various panoramas and other resources. I’d be grateful for any suggestions you might have. Thanks for visiting the site!

  3. I love that the SLC cathedral has a mural cautioning against believing even if an angel of light should declare a different gospel to you. Keep in mind this is in the middle of Mormon territory!

    • Ooooh, do you have any pictures of this? I just looked online but couldn’t find that specific one. I’d love to see it!

      An earlier commenter mentioned that the Madeleine is on the same street as the big LDS temple and (if I remember correctly) is made from the same stone? That’s pretty cool. I’ve never been to SLC but after running this tournament and learning a little more about the city, I’m dying to visit!

      • Yes it’s true the Madeleine is on S.Temple, the same street as the Temple, as well as made out of the same stone! Yes! You should come visit! We’d love to have you! Even though it’s Mormon Central, we still have a decent number of Catholics, who are all wonderful!! Thanks for running this tournament as well. It’s my alternative to March Madness and has been my life for the past week when I found out haha!

      • FYI. Madeline’s is NOT on the same street at the LDS Temple. They are only a few blocks away, but not on the same street. Another fact, NOT made of the same material. The temple is made from granite found in the canyons here. Madeline’s is made from sandstone. Come see it!! It’s a must!!!!!

  4. I voted as a result of commenting to the pastor at St. John’s about the history of his church on EWTN. Make sure you watch it on the “On Assignment” segment. Based on the results in their division so far, nobody is voting for anybody in D.C. this election year. Deo Gratias for St. Johns.

    • The Stone of the Cathedral of the Madeline is certainly not the same as the LDS temple. Originally the temple was to be built out of Sandstone. The Mormons had just completed the foundations and then buried what they had made, as Lincoln had dispatched troops to prevent the erection of a Theocracy in what was then called “Deseret”. They were worried that the troops would possibly destroy what they had started of the building. When they later uncovered the foundations to resume construction, they were cracked, so they had to tear the whole thing up anyways. It was then decided to rebuild in granite, as it was a more durable stone.

      The Cathedral as well as many other prominent buildings in SLC were built in Sandstone. Interestingly, Brigham Young had agents go to Europe to recruit out of work builders that had worked on Cathedrals and churches. Many of which had been under construction for a century or more and had generations of skilled craftsmen that worked on them. Several such buildings had simply been finished around that time and the descendants of various skilled craftsmen were suddenly out of work. It was a rather brilliant move on Mr. Young’s part as it brought those priceless skills to the wild west. Some of those same craftsmen surely had no small part in the Madeleine’s construction later.

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